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Hello, Habbo Info welcomes you into our site.
You can find out about all the information on habbo such as e.t.c rares,competions,staff,newsie,habbo happeings and loads more fun e.t.c games,puzzeles

The lastest rare which is coming out is the DJ Throne in 2 weeks  it was in the catalouge about 4 days ago for 5 creds because off bobble aid but it is coming out as a normal rare costing 25 creds so if you allready have a DJ Throne get trading before everyone has one and everyone wants to get rid of them
This site is also run by myself 05gaz05(habbo name),Helix,Mature and the celebrity on habbo donniesantini and the hotel manager her self callie (full name) callie morgan

If u need anything or want anything like job applications heres my email address or u can go on conact us and all my details is on that

Habbohotel is getting worser and worser everyday there are scammers roaming the place hobbas and moderators do there  best they just keep coming back especially them anti-trade error they make me so angry ??why ?? do they do it there are some special tips on our site where gaining for a official fan site :)
get in touch in with us give us ur thoughts email me either click on that link with my email address or look on contact us thank you.

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